CeliaCelia Gomes and I co-wrote the songs on Celia’s premiere CD, ‘Take Me As I Am’. We had oodles of fun and a lot of laughs working together, bouncing ideas off of each other, and co-writing songs. ‘Take Me As I Am’, was recorded and produced in my studio in the winter of 2014. Celia has a wonderful voice with a jazz flair. Enjoy!

You can purchase Celia’s CD at

Follow Your Heart

Follow Your HeartAfter a brief departure from the music business… to raise kids, I’ve released a new 2014 CD titled ‘Follow Your Heart’. The title track is an acoustic ballad we can all relate to. The song, ‘My Love For You’, leans a little towards the pop/country vein. And, as tribute to my hometown, ‘Narragansett Day’ was written as a happy vacation tune with a tropical feel.

My niece, Shannon Hynes debuts with an upbeat, dance tune titled ‘Be Kind to One Another’ (BK21A). Thank you Shannon Hynes and Celia Gomes for singing backup vocals on several tracks. Also, thank you Bill Miele for playing bass guitar. I’m grateful to all the creative, independent artists who share their talent.!

What’s BK21A?

Shannon HynesCome join in support of Shannon Hynes on her debut song on my forth CD, ‘Follow Your Heart’. Her beautiful young voice singing ‘Be Kind to One Another’ (BK21A) brings this upbeat song to life. She also does a great job singing harmony on the title track. Thank you Shannon! By The Way… Shannon is my niece.

‘American Made, World Played’: A Tribute to Les Paul

Congratulations to Bob Cutarella in the making of the Capitol/EMI CD titled ‘Les Paul and Friends American Made World Played’ winning two Grammy’s in 2006. I was fortunate to have the opportunity to visit the studio in the making of this CD. The producers are friends and fellow musicians Bob Cutarella and Fran Cathcart. Most of the recording was done at East Side Sound in NYC. Under the creative umbrella of Bob Cutarella, Fran Cathcart and the rest of the East Side Sound Crew, the Les Paul project became a wonderful success. Congrats!