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  • Label: Hynesight
  • Release: July 15, 2024
  • Catalog No: HSD-0007
  • Drifting

    • Lyrics

      I noticed one day, walking in stride,
      I tried to go straight, but went a little to the right.
      Oh… Oh, drifting.

      I've been reading this book for a year and a day,
      But I can't seem to get past the first page.
      Oh… Oh, drifting.

      My head lowers down until my chest meets the chin.
      My mouth is caught between some kind of frown and a grin.
      There's a river of drool running out from within.

      Like a computer at some random time
      My brain just decides to go off-line
      Oh… Oh, drifting.

      Like standing in line at the grocery store.
      Every time a little more & more & more and
      Oh… Oh, drifting.

      I went to my doctor she said nothings wrong.
      Welcome to the club, but I don't want to belong.
      I even drifted off when I wrote this song.

      I can't balance a bike so I take the car.
      I swerve all over the place so I don't go far.
      Oh… Oh, drifting.

      At the elevator, I get through the door.
      I go to push a button, but forget what floor.
      Oh… Oh, drifting.

      Again, I go back to the doctor. She has nothing to say.
      “Just don’t fall down and you’ll be OK”
      One of these days I'll just up and drift away. Doot, doot n’ doo do.

  • I'm Coming Home

    • Lyrics

      It’s been a long time since I’ve seen ya.
      Playing those backroom bars can wear down my demeanor.
      And then there comes that time
      When I’m forcing the rhymes,
      And the words can’t make the verses any clearer.

      I’m Coming Home.
      I’m Coming Home.
      I’m Coming Home.

The autumn leaves have fallen.
      I’ve lost my sense of belonging.
      Cold wind has left a frost upon my nerves.
      I need uncomplicated.
      How long I’ve waited
      To travel down a softer set of curves.


      I need uncomplicated.
      Oh, how long I’ve waited
      To travel down a softer set of curves.


      Oh, ho, that aching in my heart
      Wont’ let me be.
      How I hate it when we’re apart.
      There’s no place I’d rather be.

      I’m Coming Home.
      I’m Coming Home.
      I’m Coming Home… Home

  • Kelly's Running

    • Lyrics

      I come home. She’s hanging around.
      She fell out of love so she don’t make a sound.
      I throw her a bone say, “Honey how was your day?”
      What do ya say?

      Well, she barely cracks a smile.
      She’s been down that long distant mile;
      That somewhere far away from here highway

      Kelly’s running. Kelly’s running away.
      No matter what I do. No matter what I say.
      Kelly’s running. She’s got that look in her eyes.
      Why she’s hanging here, I don’t know why.
      I don’t know why.

      I sit on the couch, stare at the fire,
      Longing for love, full of desire.
      Off in the kitchen she’s talking on the telephone,
      Party unknown.

      This house just ain’t the same.
      In a whisper she mentions my name.
      She’s traveling out there in the twilight zone,
      And I’m here alone.


      And Kelly ain’t coming back.
      I sit and wait for her verbal attack.
      I was once her king,
      But she wanted a Jack.

      Kelly’s running. Kelly’s running.
      Kelly’s running. She’s running away.

  • Goodbye

    • Lyrics

      I was walking alone in the night time.
      Lonely and afraid,
      Thinking of the right time
      To tell you what I have to say.

      All my thoughts are about you.
      Time moves on without delay.
      Every second brings me closer
      To you and what I have to say.

      Goodbye /:/

      Goodbye is hard, defining and cold.
      Goodbye tears through the young and the old.
      Goodbye is final there's no halfway.
      Goodbye isn't easy when your love has gone away.

      Goodbye /:/4

  • Sometimes

    • Lyrics

      It doesn't take long
      On days I'm distraught.
      Lingering on,
      Alone in life's blind spot.
      Performing work, like a robot, I dwell

      Time without purpose.
      Space without sound.
      I'm buried alive, above ground.
      In a borderline state, of meltdown, I dwell.

      Sometimes, it's dark everywhere.
      And sometimes I just don't care.
      Sometimes, I find you there in the morning.


      Having no answers,
      My vision’s unclear.
      My brain is fried in my left hemisphere.
      My comfort is you, when it's all too severe for myself.


  • Na Na Song

    • Lyrics

      I need a sweet vacation.
      To dust off a year of frustration
      Where the sun and the sand
      Go hand in hand everyday.

      Where the natives say, “Ya Mon”,
      And I work all day on my tan.
      A little steel drum, Rum, yum, yum,

      Na na na na na na
      What can I say.
      Na na na na…
      I just like it that way.

      A tropical island with palm trees.
      Turquoise water and a slight breeze.
      Stay for a while with permanent smile
      And Play.

      Where the natives say, “Ya Mon”,
      And I work all day on my tan.
      A little steel drum, Rum, yum, yum,


      With those wigglin’, jiggling’ butt cheeks,
      I can work my, one on one, technique.
      At the local night spot,
      Shake what you got soi·rée

                                                                  (Chorus) /:/2

      “Ya Mon!”

  • Bag of Bones

    • Lyrics

      I had soft skin and very smooth lines.
      Now there's spots on my skin the size of nickels and dimes.
      I struggle everyday to stand up straight.
      My life revolves around my prostate.

      I've lost my hair and there's no more sex.
      Now I wonder what the hell is gonna disappear next.
      I'm losing what's left of my hormones.
      When did I become this bag of bones.

      Walking is becoming more of a struggle,
      And if I push too hard I can get into trouble.
      I sound like an engine that won't start up.
      Lookie here comes old, "sputter butt”.

      Gravity keeps on bringing me down,
      Pulling me closer, closer to the ground.
      If I get out of bed it's a real milestone.
      When did I become this bag of bones?

      Bag of bones, bag of bones, moans & groans.
      My body is connected to my headstone.
      We may all live together, but we die alone.
      When did I become this bag of bones?


      I have to wear glasses everything's a blur.
      My body is losing core temperature.
      Speak a little louder and slower, if you please
      I'm losing my hearing, so I have to lip read.

      The food that I eat is a runny thin gruel.
      I gave it a name. I call it, "fossil fuel”.
      I need to turn back the clock on my chromosomes.
      When did I become this bag of bones.

  • When She Smiles

    • Lyrics

      It's been a long day and I'm dragging it home.
      I want to relax and be left alone.
      And I'm thinking... uh oh!

      Her voice cuts through like a sweet mandolin.
      Peeks around the corner, says, “How have you been?"
      And I'm thinking... uh oh!

      Wham, Bam! She's done it again.
      Wham, Bam! just forgot everything.
      I get a good time feeling, for lack of a reason
      That makes me come alive, when she smiles.

      She's out in the garden pulling the weeds.
      Tight short, shorts, down on her knees
      And I'm thinking... uh oh!

      She turns her head and catches my eye.
      And draws me in so, I just stand by.
      And I'm thinking... uh oh!


      When she smiles, there's an invisible force.
      When she smiles, from outside this universe.
      I get a good time feeling, for lack of a reason
      That makes me come alive, when she smiles.

  • Blockheads

    • Lyrics

      Arriving on the island by ferry,
      Looking for good times, and be merry.
      When they hit the dry land, they scurry
      Looking for a patch of beach sand, in a hurry.

      Inside the brain there’s a transformation
      That happens to people on vacation.
      Baking in the sun, yeah, burnt red,
      Earning the title, Oh ooo… blockhead.

      I’m a blockhead, on the island.
      I’m a blockhead, on Block Island.
      I’m a blockhead, on the island.
      Brain dead, blockhead, on the island.

      After a visit to the medical station,
      Off to the pub for hydration.
      Doctor said stay out of the sun,
      And drink lots of liquids, one by one, by one, by one.

      Head starts to spinning, spinning around.
      There's dancing & singing til’ the pub shuts down.
      Howling at the moon they won’t go to bed.
      Earning the title, Oh ooo… blockhead.


      Vacation is over with a peeling tan
      They board the ferry for the mainland
      Don’t be angry or mislead
      Everybody earns the title, Oh ooo… blockhead.

                                                                  (Chorus) /:/

‘Drifting’ is a light hearted acoustic album… A ‘feel good’ album with an element of humor.

Check out the animation below created for the title cut!