Newport to Nashville

Newport’s first listening room.

Newport to Nashville is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing space for musicians and fans to enjoy music.

Please join me at The Newport Playhouse & Cabaret Restaurant, transformed into a Nashville style listening room. I will be one of three artists playing original music for an evening of live acoustic music in an intimate setting.

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Love Acoustic Music, Enjoy ‘Drifting’

DriftingAnother year in the studio writing, recording and producing has resulted in my 6th CD titled ‘Drifting’, a compilation of catchy, humorous, relatable songs, along the lines of James Taylor, America and Paul Simon. The title cut, ‘Drifting’, is an warm hearted reflection of life. ‘I’m Coming Home’ is a feel good tune on coming home after being away for some time. And, ‘Bag of Bones’ is a ‘tongue in cheek’ look at the getting older. If you love acoustic music, you will enjoy this CD.

Wine Time!

Wine Time‘Wine Time’, my 5th CD, has an upbeat jazz flavor for an upbeat mood. Included on ‘Wine Time’ are several Rhode Island artists who are known for their energetic artistic nature, versatility, and command of their instruments. Rhode Island artist Celia Gomes and I co-wrote the song, ‘Young Man’. Listen, as Celia’s beautiful sultry voice takes you through this fantasy. Celia and I also sing a duet on ‘Just Memories Now’, a Big Band era tribute song. Special thanks to Shannon Hynes for background vocals on ‘There’s a Melody’, ‘Be Mine All Mine’, and ‘Olive In The House’. Paula Clare, thank you for your nice vocal work on ‘Hynesight Shuffle’. And to long time friend, Mike Rand, who played the harmonica on ‘Pelican Bay Blues’… much appreciated!


CeliaCelia Gomes and I co-wrote the songs on Celia’s premiere CD, ‘Take Me As I Am’. We had oodles of fun and a lot of laughs working together, bouncing ideas off of each other, and co-writing songs. ‘Take Me As I Am’, was recorded and produced in my studio in the winter of 2014. Celia has a wonderful voice with a jazz flair. Enjoy!

You can purchase Celia’s CD at

Follow Your Heart

Follow Your HeartAfter a brief departure from the music business… to raise kids, I’ve released a new 2014 CD titled ‘Follow Your Heart’. The title track is an acoustic ballad we can all relate to. The song, ‘My Love For You’, leans a little towards the pop/country vein. And, as tribute to my hometown, ‘Narragansett Day’ was written as a happy vacation tune with a tropical feel.

My niece, Shannon Hynes debuts with an upbeat, dance tune titled ‘Be Kind to One Another’ (BK21A). Thank you Shannon Hynes and Celia Gomes for singing backup vocals on several tracks. Also, thank you Bill Miele for playing bass guitar. I’m grateful to all the creative, independent artists who share their talent.!

What’s BK21A?

Shannon HynesCome join in support of Shannon Hynes on her debut song on my forth CD, ‘Follow Your Heart’. Her beautiful young voice singing ‘Be Kind to One Another’ (BK21A) brings this upbeat song to life. She also does a great job singing harmony on the title track. Thank you Shannon! By The Way… Shannon is my niece.